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CURRENTLY - Where to see my work?

From No-Man's Land (3).JPG

Exhibition "En Aparté" organised by Fredélion Real Estate.
"From my window" The event gathers 10 photographies by 10 highly talented artists.

April 5-22


M&C Gallery

The M&C Gallery is a virtual exhibition gallery held by
MABILLE & CHAUMETTE is an Artistic and Cultural Agency, specialised in Visual Arts: Photography, Street Art, Contemporary Art, & Digital Art.

May 17th


Corridor Eléphant editions host for 3 months an online exhibition with 26 photos from the project "In-Sight(s)"  which questions the many dimensions of reality.  Go on a colourful trip without leaving your sofa!

Aug. 19th

Rough wall

Get immersed into Charlotte 4B's abstract universe through a selection a her photographs.

Artistic Approach

Copyright © Charlotte 4B

PoP Opening.jpg

See all the photos from past exhibitions, photography projects and other inspirations.

Photo Gallery

Copyright © Paul Gonella


French conceptual photographer, Charlotte 4B seeks for beauty and poetry everywhere.

The Artist

Copyright © Maud Mignard

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