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About Charlotte 4B

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French photographer based in Oviedo, Spain, Charlotte 4B (aka de Quatrebarbes), extends the metaphor of her invisible borders around the theme of transparency in general, and the window in particular.


Having spent 14 years living in countries other than the one where she grew up, she reflects on the mosaic and ever-changing identities of those who, like her, end up feeling at home anywhere but no longer truly belong to any place.

Through her artistic work, Charlotte 4B aims to convey the idea that each individual perceives reality in a unique and personal way. In her photographs, she shows us how vision is a conscious choice, and it is through her photography that she shares her own perspective.

Since 2017, she has exhibited her work in France, England, and Spain. In 2021, her first photography book, "Hemifrån," was published by Corridor Éléphant, marking a milestone in her career. In 2022, she was selected along with nine other renowned photographers to participate in the "En Aparté" Festival in Paris, further solidifying her position in the international art scene.

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