MAY 2018

Clic on any photo below to see the photos exhibited for this show.

ANNÉE LUMIÈRE [= LIGHT-YEAR] was a solo show organised in H4B's studio in Boulogne Billancourt, France in May 2018. 

This exhibition gathered 30 conceptual photographs thoroughly selected from my very busy and highly emotional last year in the UK. Over these 12 months between England, France and Spain, me and my family travelled so often and our life changed so much, that I had the impression we crossed a light-year distance. Along the way, I kept capturing my day to day life in abstract ways and here are the 30 windows I chose to share in this exhibition.

The photographs were edited in original limited editions of 12 copies each. These photographs still have some original copies available for sale. To find out more about buying prints, visit the "Order Prints" section