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Sweden - UK - Switzerland, 2017-2020

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Like a photographer would do with their camera, our eyes, our brain, select the layers in focus and deliver to us one image. But if we train ourselves to observe these different alterations, we understand that our image of the reality is constantly renewed, multifaceted and subjective.


As a metaphore for life itself, there is no such thing like a single reality, but several ephemeral realities which are incessantly composed and deformed by the alteration of the glass of these windows. Exactly like our brain does with what we see through the invisible layers of our thoughts (knowledge, emotions, impressions, experiences, etc)


The photographs that belong to this portfolio all have transparency in common, and every single one involves the glass of a window. 

Although they might sometimes seem like a collage, none of the photographs has been manipulated: these images are simply a consequence of this effect of transparency, without ever being the result of it.


Whether by :

- the combination between the distinguished subject through the glass and what is reflected in it [Reflection],

- the creation of a distorted image through the roughness and irregularities of the glass [Distortion],

- or the opening onto a new reality behind the filter created by droplets or steam [Condensation]

each of them offers a look at a new reality.


These windows give us an insight of how we can observe the world, and the image within our reach is the one that our eyes choose to see. 

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