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"A PORTÉE DE REGARD(S)", or "IN-SIGHT(S)" in English, was an exhition which allied photography and sculptures during a month at the stunning Espace Landowski.

For this exhibition in tandem, Charlotte 4B (photographer) and Jean-Sébastien BESLAY (sculptor) wanted to bring their two disciplines and their ways of looking at the world together around the same subject: the look.


A look, is the action of casting ones eyes in a direction, to visually examine something or someone.  However, whereas what anyone sees should be the same thing as one another, our way of interpreting it is always unique. Art can be a way of conveying a look, with all its subjectivity and singularity.

Charlotte 4B (photographer) and Jean-Sébastien BESLAY (sculptor) are the winners of the 2019 edition of the Talent Boulonnais Award, hosted each year by the city of Boulogne Billancourt (France). The two artists presented in this exhibition what they caught in their sight(s): insights that they chose to address the visitor through sculplture and photography.

Regarding its photographic side, IN-SIGHT(S) is a project composed of three parts (Reflection, Condensation and Distorsion), that tries to make us realise that what we see is never what really is and that transparency is opaque due to its subjectivity.


The photographs were edited in original limited editions. These photographs still have some original copies available for sale. To find out more about buying prints, visit the "Order Prints" section

A Portée de Regard(s)
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