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PIECES OF PORTSMOUTH was a shared exhibition between two photographers: Michael Mackenzie and Charlotte 4B, organised in October 2017. 

The two artist's mutual interest in conceptual photography gave them the idea of organising an exhibition together, in order to show Portsmouth, the city where they were living in, in an original and abstract angle, as they like to see it through their viewfinders. PIECES OF PORTSMOUTH gathered a selection of photos they had recently shot around the city, while seeking for unseen ways of loving Portsmouth and enhancing the beauty of their day-to-day environment. The exhibition took place in The Teatray, temple of the local street-art scene and the perfect place to celebrate the artistic potential of their Island City.

They talked about the exhibition:
Strong Island UK : Exclusive interview with the photographers behind the exhibition

Strong Island UK : Photos from the exhibition preview evening

Paper Cafe : Another look about the preview evening

I met Michael Mackenzie attending to Strong Island UK's photo walkshops and I have been immediately struck by the irreproachable compositions, flawless symmetries and perfectly mastered perspectives in his photos, revealing the beauty of the most common subjects. It was therefore a big honour for me to share this project with him. If you don't know his work already, go check out his stunning Instagram feed.

The photographs were edited in original limited editions of 20 copies each. These photographs still have some original copies available for sale. To find out more about buying prints, visit the "Order Prints" section