[Photo Project] 

Linköping, Sweden - FEBRUARY 2020 

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Through this series, the artist illustrates the excesses of our mode of consumption and their harmful impact on our environment.



February 2020 - The winter's mild temperatures once again broke a new record. Global warming is becoming an increasingly tangible emergency and its close relationship with our consumer madness is becoming more and more visible.

The warming curves increase at the rate of the piling up of our abandoned goods, in favour of always more, always better, always newer. This year, in this part of Sweden, the snow will have covered this debris a few inches only, for a few hours only, and twice. Only.

Chaos is not necessarily explosive. Deafening. Cataclysmic. It also knows how to be silent. Discreet. Insidious. Like here, where it surreptitiously slipped into this subtle contrast between the lightness of the freshly deposited snow and the mountain of crushed remains of hundreds of cars abandoned for scrap.