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[Photo Project] 

JULY 2017 - JANUARY 2018

Clic on any photo below to see Charlotte 4B's version of this challenge. 

ALPHABRIT, is, in a letter, a weekly rendez-vous between Britain and Brittany. Week by week, two photographer friends built an alphabet of the petite and grande Bretagne.


It was an exciting project that Maud Bivoit-Mignard and I remotely ran between July 2017 and January 2018 on our Social Networks. We posted every Friday a letter we encountered wherever we were. A shape that looked like the letter or a word that started with this letter, a colour, a texture, pretty much anything our inspiration and our wandering brought us, from any side of the Channel, following the alphabet order. 

What started by being a creative way for two good friends to keep in touch, ended up being a very good exercise to train myself for looking for abstractions. Under time and subject constraints, I was forced to take distance from my actual context in order to find the letter of the week that was obviously hiding somewhere.

I met Maud through Instagram, at the end of 2016, while we were living in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. I was instantaneously touched by the beauty of her feed. Funny thing is that we both contacted each other at the same time, and, shortly afterwards, we managed to meet in person in a "photo walkshop" organised by Strong Island UK. She is such good company, and, rapidly, our mutual interest in conceptual photography led us to meet regularly for informal photowalks around our adopted city. Over the few months we spent photo-wandering together, on the top of making a true and wonderful friend I find my photography skills improved a lot and it seems obvious to me that her influence has been crucial. She went back to her home in French South Brittany mid-2017, and, in order to keep alive the link that bonds us, we decided to make up some photo-projects that we could carry on together despite the distance. ALPHABRIT is our first shared project, then followed by BY WORD OF MONTH between February 2018 and January 2019.

To see Maud's version, go to #AlphabritChallenge on Instagram

Alphabrit Gallery
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